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Working from home?

Frustrated with your computer?

Feel left behind by new technology?


Friendly - Experienced - Affordable

Computer training and troubleshooting remotely at home

These days, we are doing more and more from our home computers - working from home, video-chatting with friends and handling all of our personal business. When you have questions or problems, it becomes a serious, frustrating roadblock.

Stop struggling! There's a reason why "Lowering Stress Since 2000" is our tagline.


What can we help you with? Here are some of our most frequent requests:

  • Can you get my email/internet/printer/scanner to work again?

  • Do I have the right security on my computer?

  • My computer is so slow! Can you make it faster?

  • I have a Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint problem.

  • My doctor/bank/insurance says I have to do everything online now. Help!!

  • My kids insist my phone is too old. What do I get and how do I use it?

  • I am so overwhelmed. I don't even know what to ask. Can you help me get started?

Get Help Safely At Home

For most questions, we can help you remotely by connecting to your computer. If the problem requires in-person help, such as setting up a new computer or printer, then we come to your home or office (always wearing a mask!).

"I wish I had met Patricia 10 years ago! She would have saved me so much time & frustration!”

— Connie W.

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