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Microsoft Word Classes
Microsoft Excel Classes
PowerPoint Classes
Microsoft Outlook Classes


What can we help you with?

Microsoft Word

  • Basic Skills

  • Tabs & Tables

  • Pictures & ClipArt

  • Word Whiz Speed Tips

  • Custom Templates

  • Mail Merge

Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Start Right: Design Themes, Slide Layouts, Placeholders and more.

  • Power User Time Savers

  • Custom Templates

  • Animations & Transitions

  • Tips for a Successful Presentation

Microsoft Excel

  • Spreadsheet Setup

  • Formulas & Functions

  • Data Analysis, including Subtotals, Conditional Formatting

  • Advanced Troubleshooting

  • Charts

  • PivotTables & PivotCharts

Microsoft Outlook

  • Customizing Outlook

  • Beyond Basic Email: Organizing, Searches, Signatures, and more.

  • Contacts

  • Calendar, Meetings & More


What if you could save 1, 4 or even 8 hours per week for each person in your office? You say, "Sounds great, but I can't afford the time and money to send everyone out to a several days of classes." That's because traditional training is time-consuming, inconvenient and expensive.

That's why we do things differently.

We don't offer a standard list of classes. We meet with you, talk with your staff and look at their typical work. Then we set up training that helps each staff member learn how to do their specific tasks more quickly and with less frustration.


Why pay to send everyone to a full day of class if they only need part of it? You don't buy a whole pizza if you only want two slices. (Okay, admittedly, most of us would buy the whole pizza, but let's just run with the analogy...) Targeted training saves time and money.


In addition, all of our training is in convenient 2-hour sessions at your office.

Compare what we offer to traditional Microsoft Office training:

Our Custom Training

Highly targeted content 

  • Custom training plan for each staff member.

  • Each participant learns the skills needed for their particular job, focusing on specific difficult files or repeated tasks.

  • New skills can be used right away, resulting in an immediate return on your training investment.


2-hour training sessions

  • Easy to fit into a workday.

  • Presents a manageable amount of information.

  • Multiple training sessions encourage follow-up questions.

Pricing encourages

small classes

  • Set up as many separate training sessions as needed, whether for 1 person or 12 people.

  • No wasted time sitting through training that is too basic or too advanced for their needs.

Always live

onsite training

  • Live in-person training is proven to be far more effective than remote or prerecorded training.

  • Allows for hands-on practice and encourages questions.

  • No additional charge for instructor travel (up to 100 mi per session).

Traditional Training

Generic content 

  • Covers a standard list of topics, regardless of your staff's needs or varying levels of knowledge.

  • Participants are presented with a large amount of product features and then must figure out how to apply all of it on their own.

Full day training sessions

  • Requires staff to be unavailable for an entire day.

  • Presents too much material all at once.

  • Shorter training options are typically much more expensive.

Pricing discourages

small classes

  • Pricing plans keep prices high unless you enroll several participants in one class.

  • Pushes organizations to shoehorn their staff into a single class, regardless of their needs or level of knowledge.

Varied formats 

  • Offsite: Adds staff travel expenses.

  • Onsite: Adds instructor travel expenses.

  • Online: Less effective, as it is harder for participants to stay engaged and to ask questions.

  • Prerecorded: Not only is it hard to stay engaged, but there is no instructor to answer questions.

EXPERIENCE MATTERS (along with keeping the class awake)

Patricia Na Computer Trainer Instructor

Hi, I'm your instructor, Patricia Na. I've trained people on a lot of different programs over the years, but my most frequent request is Microsoft Office, especially MS Word and MS Excel. As a result, it's a specialty of mine.


It is entirely possible I've been called an Excel geek more than once. And Word and I are best buddies, even if I do want to smack it some days. 

If you want formal qualifications:

  • Certified Microsoft Office Expert

  • Over 20 years' experience in end-user software training

  • Taught every version of Microsoft Office since Office 95

  • Extensive experience in course development and instructional design

Also let's be honest... computer training classes can be deadly boring, and oddly enough, sleeping people don't learn that much. And I can promise you that snoring is a very rare event in my classes.

Call me today at (734) 995-6875 and let's see how I can help you!

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