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Individual Software Training

Implementing new software?

Have new employees?


Staff frustrated by your current software?

Custom Computer Classes



We create highly customized computer training for your business on popular tools such as Microsoft Office, as well as industry-specific or proprietary software.


Computer software typically comes with minimal or no training. ​This leaves your staff struggling to get their work done. 

Why training?

  • Increases productivity, saving time and money

  • Reduces employee frustration, improves morale

  • Training your staff shows them you value them, reducing turnover

What we can provide:

  • Custom training for each role

  • Complete instruction manuals

  • Quick reference guides

  • Phone & remote support




We work with you to determine what training each role in your organization needs. For example:

  • A client had a new project management program, so we created one training program for project managers and another for project team members, since they would use different features within the system.

  • An organization was implementing a new sales processing system, so we created three distinct training courses:

    • A detailed training program for the operational staff

    • Training focused on login and access issues for the help desk

    • An overview for other departments

By creating training targeted to each role, it saves time and money.


In addition, all of our training is in convenient 2-hour sessions at your office.


Patricia Na Instructional Designer

Hi, I'm your instructor, Patricia Na. I love to teach, but more than that, I love to help people learn how to do their work faster and more easily.

Computer software is supposed to make work faster and easier, but without proper training, people end up getting frustrated and spending way too much time fighting with their work rather than finishing it. That's why I want to come help you.

I have over 20 years' experience in software training and instructional design, working with a wide variety of programs across many industries, including healthcare, financial services, insurance and automotive.

Also let's be honest... computer training classes can be deadly boring, and oddly enough, sleeping people don't learn that much. And I can promise you that snoring is a very rare event in my classes.

Call me today, and let's see how I can lower your stress!


(734) 995-6875

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