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Business Software

  • Commercial Software:

    • Windows 10

    • CRM Tools

    • Project Management

    • Photo Editors

  • Proprietary or Industry-Specific Software:

    • Scheduling or Registration​

    • Reporting Tools

    • Online Education Tools

    • And More

Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Computer Software Classes 

Your Needs Are Unique, So Why Settle For Generic Solutions?

At Helping Hand Computer Solutions, we don't do "generic" or "standard". Let us know your problem, and we will create a custom solution for you.

4 Ways We Help Your Company Succeed:

Investing in new computer software for your business often comes with the hidden costs of increased errors, reduced productivity, and unused upgraded features. 

  1. Save time and money with custom crafted computer classes specific to your software and staff. We offer a personalized teaching approach that targets the skills each staff member needs on popular tools such as Microsoft Office, as well as industry-specific or proprietary software.

  2. Save time and money by having your staff learn quick tips and the simplest methods for utilizing your current software, upgraded software, recently added sales tools, and databases. The focus for each employee is to learn the skills they need for their specific tasks.

  3. Save time and money by training your staff to use a unified method with shared files and documents with procedural training and filing efficiency.

  4. Save time and money with streamlined tasks and workflows allowing for better data retrieval and faster input. 

Let's Lower Your Computer Stress 

Individual Software Training

Implementing new  software?

Have new employees?


Staff frustrated by your current software?

Custom Computer Classes

No Minimum Class Size

  • Individual coaching to brush up on basic skills or address specific project needs

  • Advanced tutoring for individuals or groups

  • Complete classroom instruction for teaching larger groups

  • Custom courses and training plans for different roles or staff members, such as project manager vs. project team member

  • Contact us today

Convenient 2-hour Sessions Onsite at Your Business

  • Complete instruction manuals

  • Quick reference guides

  • Phone & remote support

  • Contact us today

Targeted Training for Each Role Saves Time and Money 

  • Together we will determine a training plan for each role in your organization needing additional skills. For example: 

    • A client had a new project management program, so we created one training program for project managers and another for project team members, since they would use different features within the system. 

    • An organization was implementing a new sales processing system, so we created three distinct training courses:

      • A detailed training program for the operational staff

      • Training focused on login and access issues for the help desk

      • An overview for other departments 

  • Contact us today 

Experience Matters (along with keeping the class awake)

Patricia Na Professional Trainer

Hi, I'm your instructor, Patricia Na. Computers are supposed to make our lives easier but we spend an awful lot of time frustrated and fighting with them, instead of getting our work done. Let me resolve some of those problems and lower your computer stress!

I can help you with popular commercial tools, such as Microsoft Office & Windows 10, as well as industry-specific or proprietary software, including CRM tools and sales/registration software.

My background:

  • Over 20 years' experience in end-user software training

  • Extensive experience in course development and instructional design

  • Certified Microsoft Office Expert

  • Have worked with programs across many industries, including healthcare, financial services, insurance and automotive.

  • Knowledgeable on both Windows and Mac.

Also let's be honest... computer training classes can be deadly boring, and oddly enough, sleeping people don't learn that much. And I can promise you that snoring is a very rare event in my classes.

Call me today at (734) 995-6875 and let's see how I can help you!

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